How has Jackoz been going these last couple of years?

It's a big question everyone is asking each other now we are more social again these days.

What freedoms we did have, came with big schedules and lots of responsibilities. We were busy, it felt hectic, we were running around setting up shows, splitting our time between home and different towns, just to mention a couple of things. Then everything froze. We were told to stay home and wait till we were told we could leave again.

So we froze, but froze for only a moment. We quickly realised we needed to drive into action to endure what was to become seemingly endless tidal waves of problems that these last two years have drenched us with.

We know that these issues weren't just ours. The entire world was faced with re-assessing everything and what an event to have lived through right? 

So what did Jackoz Team do when all our shows we demonstrate at all stopped? What did we do when our supply chain was threatened? What did we do when our health became top priority and our actions became catagorised as either risky or not risky, conformative or non comforative?

Well, we just took it one tidal wave at a time.

So here we are, in 2022, having all team members all had COVID, and then on top to have serious health diagnosises amongst us, and our families, and we mean SERIOUS health problems that made COVID be a real incoveinient sore throat amongst life threatening traumas. Like when it rains it pours right??

Well we get points for still being alive, and we also give bonus points to the Doctors and Nurses who made this possible for us and our families!

We spent time cancelling everything and then concentrating on what we could control in our lives which are our websites. We manage two websites, and We then advertise on TV and thankfully our products have still been able to reach the public.Then thankfully  the public loved our products and the pressure to return to shows has eased significantly.

So whats next?

Well, we do have a couple of new things up our sleeve which we are very excited about. It will take our belts next level. We have only ever wanted to provide the highest quality and we feel we have found it, so stay tuned for that.

Alan and Kevin will be at the last show of the year for us at Floriade Canberra in the last two weeks of the show. Dates of Floriade are Saturday 17th till Sunday 16th October.

We have holidays planned if you can believe that! Time to switch off electronics and get out of the house! Cold drinks, and beautiful international scenery to immerse ourselves in, and counting our blessings we have endured this monumentous time in history.

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