Jackoz! As Seen on TV, the home of the Jack Belt®

 are the one and only original Jack Belt.

Jacky, Alan, Cheryl and Kevin make up the Australian team who bring you the clever and comfortable hole free leather Jack belt.

We named it after ourselves with the intent we will be using Jack for all our products we sell, we just weren’t prepared for how successful our belt would be, so little time and energy have been put into other products, so seven years on, it’s still all about THE JACK BELT.

We are a team and only four and we each have very different roles due to our very different skill sets.

The TV voice is ALAN. You may have had the honour of meeting him at one of our shows in the past and a few savvy customers have been able to pick his role in the commercial. The happy and beautiful model in the commercial is Alan’s daughter, Kate and her friend Sammy.

It’s a beautiful commercial we are very proud of, and the team at YourFilm, did a top quality job creating it, we highly recommend them! http://www.yourfilm.com.au

So when you think of Jack Belt, it’s more than just a brand name we plucked from the air, or even the name of the original belt we just jumped on for the ride like we know copy cats may have done. It is US and we strive to provide the best product and service possible.



How to Cut the Jackbelt® demonstration

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