Catwalk the Jack Belt

Be a Jack Belt model and share your good looking pictures with us
No modelling experience required, just good sharp pictures that make your model feel good about themselves and share their love for the Jack Belt

Send us your Jack Belt Modelling photos

We are an Australian  business and we want our fellow Aussies of all shapes, sizes and ages to share their love of the Jack Belt with us.

Its unique to have a product which people not only like but are passionate about. 

We get beautiful communications with our customers over the years that gives us confidence  we are doing the right thing. So this feature of sharing your photos is really about sharing the feedback of what we as business owners get, but better.

It's rewarding.

It can take a bit of courage to share a picture of oneself which highlights a part of our body we are all sensitive about, so we will make sure your efforts will be fairly rewarded.

We will reply to your emails that have useable photos with a unique coupon code that gives you 15% discount in our store.




Your Family Photos become Our Family Photos

Usage policy

We love that you have shared your love of the Jack Belt with us and we want you to understand that you are agreeing to the fact we may make your love public.

If your shared images meet our critera, we will post them and use them on our website and social media sites which include, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

If you don't consent to this, but if you email us your photos just because you want the Jack Paak Team to know that you love the belt, please state clearly you do not consent to us using your images on our public forums.

Only publically made images will earn coupon rewards. If your image is not used because it doesn't meet criteria then no coupon will be granted.

Coupon Code will be generated specific to you and can only be used once

Each used image will get a coupon code. Limit of 5 images per person.

Coupon Codes can only be used one at time and not in conjunction with any other discounts.

Coupons will expire 12 months from issue and will not be re-issued if not used.

 Criteria specifications

  • No Nudity
  • No obscene images
  • Images are to be sharp, clear and high quality
  • All ages welcome to participate. Under adult age images need parental consent.