How to buy the Jack Belt®

The Jack Belt® uses a clever ratchet system with a buckle and track in the leather working together, and they can be bought separately.

The leathers come in 135cm,, which fits up to 42 inch waist and can be cut down to size for the perfect fit.

The buckles come in a variety of designs to suit the outfit and occasion.

WE offer four ways to buy the Jack Belt®. 

1. The complete belt and buckle.

If you have never had a Jack Belt® before you need to purchase both parts, so we offer a range to make the choosing easier.

2. Choose the Leather separately.

Once you have the Jack Belt® you see the benefits of changing just one aspect when a new occasion arises, so you can then purchase a different colour leather and your buckle will fit.

3. Choose the Buckle Separately.

You have your leather but love having choices with style so you can collect the whole range of buckles and all will fit on your leather.

4. Love variety and free stuff? Then the fourth option is ideal. The Box Set

We offer a beautiful Display case to hold two leathers and four buckles.

You are welcome to contact us and choose your own specific, but we have tried to take the hard work out of choosing for you.

Plus, with the Box Set, the beautiful faux leather and suede display case, worth $50 comes FREE

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