Jack Belt® Discount Coupon Codes

Beware of scammers and false Jack Belt coupon codes. 

Discount Coupon codes for our Jackoz.com website are a valuable commodity and we don't wish anyone to ever be scammed by others impersonating us offering something that could put you at risk.

Our subscribers are the only VIPS who have access to any coupon codes we may offer. This ensures absolute certainty you are directed to the original and secure jackoz.com website, and that you personally have been allocated for such a treat.

If you have coupon codes you believe are for our website and are not working, you are to contact us directly, via email or preferrably phonecall so we can attend to the issue immediately.

It could be simply that the code is being put in the incorrect box. For example, our GIFT CARDS come with a code and they are to be used only in the GIFT CARD specified tick box that appears above the payment methods.

The GIFT CARD code wont work in the 'Coupon Code' box in the checkout, and vice versa.

So rest assured, your security and privacy are very important and you only get benefits when you double check sources and don't click on anything that looks suspicious. Do due diligence, if something looks too good to be true...

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