It Just got easier to buy the original Jack Belt®

We now have a sparkly new website!

It was time for a change, refresh, reset, new look.

So welcome to the new platform Shopify from which we now sell with and enjoy the ease of use and navigation whilst choosing your Jack belt®.

Gift Cards are now automated, FAQs are easier to navigate to and your choosing what to buy should be easier than ever!

Its new to us as it is to you so if at any point something doesn't seem right, just contact us because it simply could be something we missed.

We will also continue with our original website as we have found this to be invaluable to us and our customers over the years. You will always be able to find us!

This platform allows us to explore brand new avenues like reward point system, where you can earn points as you shop to then redeem with us. How does that sound??


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