What is a ratchet Belt?

The Jack Belt uses a clever ratchet system, but what it a ratchet?

Simply, there is a tooth in the buckle which catches on a track in the leather.

The track is a plastic piece sewn into the inside of the leather. Very Discreet. 

The track is in small divisions so adjusting the belt is in millimetres, not inches. Very Comfortable.

The release button on the buckle is easy to use, a one finger push, and it realeases easily. It's recommended you pay attention to where this button is before trying on the belt.

If you put the belt on and find it is too long and the buckle is not catching on the buckle, then the belt needs to be cut to appropriate length to fit you perfectly.

Once the belt is the right size for you, the ratchet buckle will catch on the leather track and your pants will be held securely up!

How to Cut the Jackbelt® demonstration

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