A box set gives 8 BELT OPTIONS. Per belt that's just $28.75 genuine leather or $33.75 full grain. TERRIFIC VALUE!

Collection: Box Set Mens

This fantastic display case is ideal for safely storing your prized Jackbelt Collection, but also makes a great gift!

Contains two GENUINE LEATHER or two FULL GRAIN LEATHER Jackbelts and four buckles.

The synthetic leather case has a glass window which allows you to see your collection

The soft velvet lining keeps your buckles and leathers protected and dust free.

Arrange the pillows how you like, according to your leather and buckle quantity. See images for ideas.

This handsome case can also be used to store watches and jewellery.

A perfect Gift idea for that special person to store their beautiful Jack Belt Collection

Classy Display Case

Faux Leather and suede display case with glass lid that stores your JACK belt collection

Valued at $50

FREE when you order a BOX SET!